Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm Gone(video)

Directed by John Wentworth during his working as David Lynch's right hand on the 'Twin Peaks' TV series.
Note the stuffed birds and crazy Lynchian effects during the solo.(and of course the heroic rooster at the end)
Also, a bit more trivia....
See how John used the EP cover art idea (LP/UFO floating through the pool) although this time he filmed it rather than the polaroid that was the cover 'art'.
This was the pool behind my apartment where we rehearsed.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Single File

ACETONE 'The Final Say' (1995 UK 3-track CD single including 'O.I.E.' & 'Diamondhead'(Manzanera/Acetone)
Also on 7"ep.
O.I.E was a big favorite of ours and was slated to be the opening track on 'If You Only Knew'. If I remember correct it just came down to too many tracks for the LP and it was used as a special gift for big fans on a single.
We also had plans for Ben Keith of Neil Young fame to give it his 'Tonight's The Night' pedal steel treatment, but alas.
On later recordings Greg Leisz (another big time steel man) would grace a few tracks, usually in one take.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

If You Only Knew

Recording in Nashville.
Kind of a difficult time yet we pushed on and came up with two beautiful records.
One was the previously posted EP and the other was 'If You Only Knew'.
We put some serious heartache and soul down on tape while battling some 'issues'.
The day before we left the man from the label at Vernon Yard came down to see and hear his new 'Smashing Pumpkins' for the label.
Dunno where he got this impression but let's just say he was not pleased.
We were dropped on the post release tour.
That was fine as they were Quite inept and did'nt get it anyway.
Later that year a friend of ours hooked us with Vapor Records which was a happy new home.(more later)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"All For The Love Of A Girl"

From the "I Guess I Would" EP.Release Date: 08/22/1995. recorded in Nashville the same time as the "If You Only Knew"Lp at Treasure Island studios with assistance of Scott Campbell Chris Apthorp and LAPHROAIG Scotch

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Peel Sessions

Watch out for that set list!

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Land Of Yore

Me and the 'Campbell Lad' finding solace in the land of Hobbits, Troll bridges and blood pudding.
We never could have got as far as we did and done as well as we did without Scott Campbell. ( our engineer and great friend)
More about the Lad to come.
English tour line up; Verve, Acetone and opening was Oasis.
(I believe they played 'I am The Walrus'3 times one night as they knew few songs)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

All You Know (better Quality)

Having seen our live 'light show' comprised of a collection of thrifted lamps along the way, the directors went with it and added some of our rehearsal room characteristics as well. Not sure bout the milk although I do like it, alot.
Added note bout the lamps; When 1st opening for Verve in NYC we saw what a huge setup and rock light show they had and we felt we had to do.... something.An hour before the show we dashed to the local thrift and thus was the beginning of the lamps. I must say, in part it ended up spoofing Verves Classic rock lights but it really just suited our feel.
If we had our way a full living room would've been on stage.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm Gone

Acetone's 1st national tour in '93 opening for label mates Verve.
The three of us cruised in a rented Cadillac and actually had a 'crew'in a combi with the mass 3 piece's gear. This ended up being the way ta go cuz it gave us the freedom to hit many stops the others wanted no part of.( Mid west thrifts, stupid tourist sites, famous rib joints etc.)
Getting to New Orleans early we jumped all over Bo Diddley's sound check where Mark's
main man signed his classic Gretsch 'Astro Jet'.
One week later in Columbus, Ohio all guitars were stolen on the one night they were'nt
brought into the rooms.
Much more retardation to come from this certain 'crew'.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Blue Cafe, Long Beach, '97
One of our early songs and my favorite to this day.
Mark and Rich had never sung before writing this and it was Mark's knowledge of composition that would often put them to the test with these beautiful and difficult harmonies.
Trial by fire with some amazing results.(and some not) But to make something that sounded good to us was the plain truth.
Hawaiian music and oldies were a mere speck of what was on the turntable and therefore was amongst the influences.
You can really hear the tropical harmony especially on this song "Cindy."
Available on the 1st EP on Caroline and Hut records.1st released in in 1993.

Rich's original lyrics for Cindy.

One Dyin' & A-Buryin'

Might as well start with a pic of Rich.