Monday, August 25, 2008

Record Vacuum
Go above for a KILLER podcast of his.
the lion man/the music of the spheres/wayne griggs

dj for the verve/oasis/richard ashcroft/coldplay/the rolling stones & many other cats along the road.

tryin to build this thing.make it grow.designing t-shirts.regular broadcasts.sporadic transmissihttp.see what sticks.

personal note;My friend Wayne Griggs knows music. He knows all music. He's been an audiofile for many moons and is on a new project.
This man has taste.
During his years with the band Verve(from beginning to end) he was really a 5th member of the band and in my opinion much of the bands identity and songs came from Wayne's
vast LP collection. (a small later example; Bittersweet symphony)

Wayne was the DJ for the band but much more as he set the mood for the theatrics of the bands entrance and exit as well.
I would boldly say that Wayne was the bands biggest influence and of course they were all friends from the same small town of Wigan.
His My Space has most info....

and of course ....A Blog!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mixed Combo Plate

A throw together live radio performance (i'm guessing Texas) with some assistance from
our amigo J. Pierce.
Throughout this tour there were great impromptu moments like this with Jason or Shawn sitting in on certain tracks when the time was right. I remember in particular a version of Midnight Cowboy we did that came off Quite well.
How great to have musicians we respected highly seamlessly contribute to our beloved 3 piece.