Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blue Moods...again

Blue Moods brings together Miles Davis with Charles Mingus, accompanied by Elvin Jones on drums, Teddy Charles Vibes and Britt Woodman on Trombone.
Miles was fresh from his triumph at the 1955 Newport Jazz Festival when he agreed to record for his old friend Charles Mingus's label. Considering the volatile temperaments of the two protagonists, the music is surprisingly calm, but according to Elvin Jones, 'if they had just printed the conversations in the studio at that time, that would have been a best-seller.' Woodman had known Mingus since boyhood, and Charles was then a frequent musical associate with similar ideas about composing and arranging. The charts here are all by Teddy, except 'Alone Together', which is by Mingus.

This is one LP out of thousands that had a profound influence on our beloved writings
during the Acetone years.