Friday, April 10, 2009

10. Acetone - Cindy (1995?)
And speaking of lost classics, this mid-’90s indie-rock album was a top favorite of me and all my friends in college, right alongside Yo La Tengo, Mr. Bungle, Ween, Velvet Underground, etc. It wasn’t until after college that it dawned on us that this album was not as famous to the rest of the world as it was to us, and although the other stuff we were into was mostly widely loved, this great one was somehow our own discovery. It’s a perfect mix of ethereal ballads and brutal garage grunge, often with a strange surf-rock gleam. Glorious vocal harmonies and whammy-bar guitar feedback. Great songs. How was this album totally overlooked and forgotten by the world? We considered it part of the pantheon, and assumed everyone else did, too. Unfortunately, Acetone’s following albums were a decreasing spiral into more and more boring, placid ballads with nary a rock song to balance it out, and one of the trio eventually commit suicide. I hope that the remaining two members of Acetone know that, at least to a few former college kids, they have a place in history in our hearts with this album.

By Dusted Magazine

'placid ballads' eh?