Sunday, March 6, 2011

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noah said...

Golddust! This is amazing! I sporadically trawl the net trying to turn up any vague info on Acetone, depending on how heavily the band are on rotation at the time (y'know, I only, um, actually bought the Acetone EP very recently having spied it online, in a refreshingly old school, proper record shop mail order transaction) and finally happened upon this and the subsequent new tumblr account just the other evening. And here's everything the fledgling Myspace page hinted at a good few years ago and, oh, so much more. It will be treat to delve back into these (very personal) online archives and, of course, to hear the demos and other suchlike too. Great stuff - don't doubt for a second this undertaking was in vain, I for one am very grateful you've elected to share these (doubtlessly bittersweet) memories of those times.... Just.... simply perfect! All the best.