Saturday, March 5, 2011

our 1st ep

the Caroline/ Hut ep. on vinyl & nice card stock Digi-pack cd. imop the best album art we did. (it was a bit more democratic than others)
the 12" 45rpm vinyl sounds amazing. rare songs you can't find anywhere else.

I'm Gone
For A Few Dollars More

Cindy.... i still think this 'love song' is one of our best. we did this one live up until our end of days so there exists some top recordings to come...

I fell,
Through the roof to you,
Into your bedroom,
And I was there.

You knew,
What you had to do,
And you'd thought it through,
And it was done.

You knew,
What you had to do,
And you'd thought it through,
And it was done.

You lose,
And you lose again,
Then fall,
To the net…

(Copyright 1992 by Richard Lee)


Isnardo said...

Thank you very much for this gift! It's great!

Anonymous said...

yes, thanks a lot!

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